How we’ve helped Oberlo (Shopify), Ubersuggest and Digitec Galaxus AG.

oberlo (Shopify)

Digitec Galaxus AG is the biggest online retailer in Switzerland, often referred to as “Switzerland’s Amazon”. The company runs the Digitec and Galaxus online shops, as well as ten retail stores in the French and German-speaking parts of Switzerland. They have also recently expanded to Germany.

Client: Digitec Galaxus AG

Language: Swiss German to Swiss Italian

Format: Content, brand awareness, sales

The Project

Digitec Galaxus has an internal translation team that adapts content for Swiss French, Swiss Italian and English audiences. The volume of content produced by their editors is substantial, and it requires professional translation services to deliver it to a wider audience.

We’ve partnered with Digitec Galaxus to amplify their brand reach among their Swiss Italian-speaking audience. Our goals: Make more content available to the Swiss Italian market, raising brand awareness, engagement and ROI, while making the audience feel valued as a community.

The Challenges

Switzerland is a small but complex country where different speaking areas can have significant cultural differences. That means a great deal of social nuances to take into consideration–from names of brands and products, to differences in tone of voice, language and grammar. Add into the mix the use of colloquial language by content writers, tight deadlines and quick turnarounds and you have a uniquely challenging project.

The Results

Bringing expertise and knowledge of marketing translation, ecommerce and Swiss Italian culture, we’ve been able to offer Digitec Galaxus a professional and effective translation service that delivers results for over 7 years and counting.

As an external contractor, we are flexible to their requirements, working with their team to a weekly schedule to manage the unpredictable nature of the job. Every project we’ve delivered for Digitec Galaxus has been crafted with the brand’s tone of voice, audience and goals in mind.

Localizing content for Swiss Italian audiences didn’t go unnoticed.

See what the community had to say about the work delivered:

“I always recommend digitec. Top service – and the translations are great. As a Swiss Italian speaker, thank you.”

“One of the few Swiss shops to translate into Italian. I’m proud to be your customer.”

“A great service for Italian-speaking customers.”

“Yes! At last a brand that uses high-quality translations.”

Martina (founder at Moving Words) is a very valuable external collaborator for our translation team here at Digitec Galaxus. Although we are several kilometers away, project delivery and communication between us work perfectly fine – so much so that it almost feels like we have her here with us in Zurich. We very much appreciate her commitment, the quality of her work, her reflective spirit, her loyalty and her sense of humour. We hope that we can continue to work with her for a long time.

Alessandra R.
Digitec Galaxus

Ubersuggest is Neil Patel’s keyword research tool. His goal was to make a tool as powerful as Ahrefs or SEMRush, without the $100+ monthly price tag that comes with it. In order to make it as accessible and widely used as possible, Neil needed the tool fully localized. Our goal was to increase product awareness, drive more traffic, and increase the paid user base through localization.

Client: Neil Patel (Ubersuggest)

Language: English to Italian.

Format: Product UI, emails, newsletters, lead magnets, webinars, landing pages, and website.

The Project

Ubersuggest had ambitious goals: keep the tool as free as possible, with a small paid upgrade option. But with development costs in the hundreds of thousands per month, the reach has to be truly global to work.

We work directly with Ubersuggest’s product manager, and the work is fast-paced. Localization means we’re constantly A/B testing microcopy, design elements, and doing everything we can to get Ubersuggest’s Italian users to convert to paid users.

The Challenges

Italian users expect things to be free and are averse to paying for software. They prefer to buy from brands they are already familiar with. Also, Italy-based B2B software buyers take an average of 6 months to finalize a purchasing decision. That means our job was to create great copy and nurture Italian users enough to increase the free trial to paid conversion rate in Italy.

The Results

We’ve been helping Ubersuggest to penetrate the Italian market—not just attracting Italian users, but converting and keeping them too—through a fully local experience that take the peculiarities of this very culture into account.

We go beyond just Italian localization, as well—we provide optimization suggestions across languages and help identify potential issues at the source. Together, we work as a team to help Ubersuggest expand rapidly.

How does Ubersuggest’s team feel
about our work together?

“Martina (founder at MovingWords) is one of the most trustworthy professionals I have ever dealt with when it comes to localization and translations. She is dependable, takes ownership of the project and comes up with solutions to problems that not even the product owner had originally seen. Martina is definitely one of the best in this field.”

Carlos Magno, Product Manager
@ Ubersuggest

Oberlo is a Shopify-owned dropshipping marketplace app. We’ve been working on their Italian blog since Q4 of 2020. Since then, we’ve helped them created their best-performing article of 2020—receiving the highest number of clicks from Oberlo’s entire blog in all of 2020—and many of the articles we localized are ranking #1 for competitive keywords.

Our articles even managed to outrank competitor websites with higher DA. Needless to say, we did far more than translate words.

Client: Oberlo

Language: English and Spanish to Italian

Format: SEO content, UI

The Project

Oberlo wanted to rank #1 for priority keywords in Italian to drive relevant traffic, increase brand awareness and convert readers to users. So they decided to work with us.

We’ve taken their English or Spanish articles and rewritten the pieces to match target keywords and search intent. Up until this day, we’ve localized dozens of of articles on digital marketing, social media marketing, email automation and marketing automation (including localizing the images, meta descriptions and alt texts). We’ve also helped audit and rewrite the whole website user interface to create a fully local, smooth experience for their users.

The Challenges

Matching search intent.

Sometimes, the formatting or the angle of the article has to be changed to match the search intent. Some sections have to be completely rewritten to match the problems that Italians face, which aren’t always the same as what an English-speaking audience might face.

Image localization often requires strong research and light editing skills to provide images that are relevant to the target users. The scope goes far beyond ‘just translation’. Translation is only a piece of the puzzle.

The Results

Record-breaking clicks for Italian content.

We have taken over websites like–one of the 30 top ranking sites in Italy for digital marketing and information technology, with 9 million monthly page views. We’ve been hitting the featured snippet for highly competitive keywords with most of our localized articles, and overtaking websites with higher DAs for keywords like “trend instagram”. Need we say more?

How does Oberlo feel
about our work together?

Let’s cut to the chase, Martina (founder at Moving Words) is a professional with a capital P. Her work is like a sculpture: she begins by carving out its first shapes, and continues through to the sandpapering stage. A skilled wordsmith, she polishes each and every detail until her work of art is complete. Precise, straightforward and determined with a great spirit of initiative. It’s a real pleasure to work with her!

Giulia C.
Content Marketer (Shopify)

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