Across the action sports, lifestyle, digital and tech industries, I’ve worked with some of the world’s best-established, most-exciting brands, using the power of translation to take their message to new audiences. Discover the impact Moving Words had on two of our clients – Skullcandy and Digitec Galaxus – below.


Skullcandy are an American brand that sell headphones, earphones, hands-free devices, wearable tech and MP3 players to people online and in stores across the world.

The Skullcandy brand is young, dynamic and cool, with their key demographic being outdoor action sports enthusiasts like snowboarders and skateboarders, alongside general consumers – particularly younger audiences.

Skullcandy needed to deliver their message to audiences in the German, Spanish, French and Italian markets. That meant translating their English-language website, marketing and brand materials, as well as migrating all multilingual content to the new website, integrating new copy and translations along the way.

Tight deadlines. High volume. Cross-country collaboration. Managing a remote team, to deliver translations, in multiple languages, day-in, day-out. This marketing project involved working with departments from Skullcandy’s European and US headquarters to launch and deliver work of an incredible calibre that captured the vibrancy and energy of the Skullcandy brand – no easy feat.

As a small-scale remote team we could be responsive to the demands of this project. Within reach and ready to jump on a call whenever required, we coordinated and collaborated to deliver to tight deadlines and prioritize urgent projects for last-minute international launches.

We translated Facebook ads, website content, promos, newsletters, brochures, brand presentations, press releases, Google AdWords, SEO keywords, product listings and more, and created project and client-specific glossaries to ensure consistency across all projects. We know how fast-paced brands in this space move; with collaboration, coordination and expertise, we went above and beyond the client’s needs.

Following months of hard work, we delivered a website that takes the Skullcandy brand beyond borders, translating content into four different languages. Whatever language you read the page in, the tone of voice, style and message stay true to the brand, and are every bit as effective at generating sales.

But don’t just take our word for it – visit the site now:


Digitec Galaxus AG is the biggest online retailer in Switzerland. The company runs the Digitec and Galaxus online shops, as well as ten retail stores in the French and German-speaking parts of Switzerland.

Digitec Galaxus has an internal translation team that adapts content for Swiss French, Swiss Italian and English audiences. The volume of content produced by their editors is substantial, and it required professional translation services to deliver it to a wider audience.

I partnered with Digitec Galaxus to amplify their brand reach among Italian-speaking audiences. Our goals were to make more content available to the Swiss-Italian market, raising brand awareness, engagement and ROI, while making the audience feel valued as a community.

Switzerland is a small but complex country where different speaking areas can have significant cultural differences. That meant a great deal of social nuances to take into consideration – from names of brands and products, to differences in tone of voice, language and grammar. Add into the mix the use of colloquial language by content writers, tight deadlines and quick turnarounds and you have a uniquely challenging project.

Bringing expertise and knowledge of marketing translation, e-commerce and Swiss-Italian culture, I’ve been able to offer Digitec Galaxus a professional and effective translation service that delivers results. An external contractor, I am flexible to their requirements, working with their team to a weekly schedule to manage the unpredictable nature of the job. Every project I’ve delivered for Digitec Galaxus has been crafted with the brand’s tone of voice, audience and goals in mind.

Localizing content for Swiss-Italian audiences didn’t go unnoticed. See what the community had to say about the work delivered:

“I always recommend digitec. Top service – and the translations are great. As a Swiss-Italian speaker, thank you.”

 “A great service for Italian-speaking customers.”

“Yes! At last a brand that uses high-quality translations.”

“One of the few Swiss shops to translate into Italian. I’m proud to be your customer.”

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