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We help SaaS companies and digital brands scale faster through specialist translations that connect, engage and convert.

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Your copy should read local, not localized.

Poorly executed translations can cost you tens of thousands a year in lost revenue. Let’s make sure you can tell a different story.

Linguistic & Cultural Consultancy

What works in one market might not work in another. We’ll help you adapt your messaging to communicate with your target audience.

UX/UI Translation & Localization

Are you providing your international users with a smooth experience? We’ll work closely with your UX team to help you turn visitors into customers.

Marketing Translation & Transcreation

Businesses who speak to their customers in their language grow 30% faster than their competitors. We’ll help you gain that advantage.


For every euro your business invests in localization, it earns (at least) another €25. We’re here to make sure you grow your revenue faster.

Editing & Proofreading

Great communication is all about the details. We’ll make sure you never make a grammar, punctuation or spelling mistake again.

Audiovisual Translation

Subtitling your movie or commercial videos is a fast and efficient way to reach more costumers, but you want to get it right. We’ll help you do just that.

Trusted by the world’s top SaaS companies.

We’ve supported some of the most exciting digital brands and online companies in the world.

“Martina (founder at MovingWords) is one of the most trustworthy professionals I have ever dealt with when it comes to localization and translations. She is dependable, takes ownership of the project and comes up with solutions to problems that not even the product owner had originally seen. Martina is definitely one of the best in this field.”

Carlos M.

Neil Patel

“Martina is a perfectionist and Moving Words is by far the best translation service I have worked with. It’s that extra mile that someone gives to make the project a success as well as the quality of the translation, in case of goetica it was from English into Italian language and it was for a complex travel search engine, website, SEO, launch video and a range of marketing collateral. Martina assisted with setting up processes, contacts and support throughout the project, always on time and always to a high standard and will continue working with goetica into the future.”

Matija A.


“Martina & her team are a fantastic partner who enabled us to re-platform our European translated sites quickly while staying true to our unique brand voice.”

Jenny B

galaxus digitec logo

“Martina is a very valuable external collaborator for our translation team here at Digitec Galaxus. Although we are several kilometers away, project delivery and communication between us work perfectly fine – so much so that it almost feels like we have her here with us in Zurich. We very much appreciate her commitment, the quality of her work, her reflective spirit, her loyalty and her sense of humour. We hope that we can continue to work with her for a long time.”

Alessandra R.

Digitec Galaxus

“We worked with Ms Russo on a project in the voice sector where her task was to generate natural language expressions and translate natural sounding system outputs from German to Swiss Italian. This work required a great deal of attentiveness and accuracy which she provided throughout the entire project. Ms Russo’s work attitude clearly shows that she thinks through projects instead of just working through them. In addition to the very carefully executed work, we could always rely on Ms Russo over the course of several months. We could consistently count on quick replies and absolute punctuality in meeting deadlines. On top, working with Ms Russo was also very pleasant on a personal level. We can highly recommend Ms Russo!”

Anna-Maria M.

Let’s cut to the chase, Martina is a professional with a capital P. Her work is like a sculpture: she begins by carving out its first shapes, and continues through to the sandpapering stage. A skilled wordsmith, she polishes each and every detail until her work of art is complete. Precise, straightforward and determined with a great spirit of initiative. It’s a real pleasure to work with her!

Giulia C.

Content Marketer @ Oberlo (Shopify)

“There is always room for improvement, no matter what”. These are the words of football champion Ali Krieger, perfect for describing what working with Martina has meant to me. In spite of my 5 years of experience in the field of marketing translation and localisation, Martina has been crucial because, through a competent and precise review of my work down to the last detail, she has helped me to further refine my style. Turn to her not only for flawless translations, but also if you need advice from a professional of the highest calibre. You will not regret it.”

Elisabetta S.

Translation Team @ Jimdo

“I highly recommend working with Martina! I had the chance to have her as part of my team for a couple of months to jump in for one of my translators on parental leave: She showed a high level of professionalism and dedication right from the start and throughout the collaboration. Her content, as well as her feedback on style, and market expertise have been excellent – and on plus Martina is a lovely person to work with.”

Eike-Marie E.

Localization Manager @ Jimdo

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Our translators aren’t ‘just’ translators. They’re also copywriting and marketing experts. They know all about consumer psychology and those things that make your customers click. And they deliver copy that connects, persuades and converts.

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Scale and flexibility

Our team will help you scale your business while staying flexible. Say goodbye to wasting time getting your message across to several project managers. Say hello to quick, personable and direct communication, executing projects faster and stepping into new markets with confidence.

Localize your marketing and digital content.

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Build a successful international brand.

Get customers to engage, click and convert.

Win new markets and boost revenues faster.

Localize your marketing and digital content.

Localize your marketing and digital content.

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Build a successful international brand.

Get customers to engage, click and convert.

Win new markets and boost revenues faster.

Specialists in marketing and digital translations.

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