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Martina Russo, qualified and experienced language expert
Professional translator since 2010
Native Italian speaker
Swiss Italian specialist
SEO translation specialist
Bachelor’s Degree in Translators, Interpreting and Communications
Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation



Language consultancy
Project managing
Translation and proofreading
Editing and copywriting
Subtitling, captioning and transcribing
SEO translation
Keywords transcreation
Website translation


Specialist fields:

Marketing, communications and advertising– surveys, B2C & B2B, emails, TV ads, websites, SEO, social media, brochures, packaging
Travel, tourism and hospitality – hotels, airlines, travel agencies, car rentals, travel related blogs
IT and telecoms – home appliances, consumer electronics, telecoms, internet and home/mobile line providers
Audiovisual – corporate videos, film features, documentaries, TV series
Swiss Italian / Standard Italian


and communications

As a marketing professional and an early adopter,
I know how to communicate your message
to your target audience with maximum impact

and SEO translation

Do you need to make your website available
to the Italian or Swiss Italian market?
I can help translating your SEO content, keyword lists, social media campaigns and much more

Audiovisual content

I make videos and other multimedia content available to the Italian-speaking world, including subtitling for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH)

Travel, tourism and hospitality

Having previously worked in hospitality and aviation, I understand the unique terminology used in those industries and speak your audience’s language

Telecoms and IT

Highly creative by nature and IT-savvy by choice, I draw on my knowledge and experience to help you reach a wider audience

iGaming and entertainment

Do you own an online casino site, or sell sports, bets, poker, lottery, bingo or slots machine games to your customers? I can localize your website and app content specifically for the Italian and Swiss Italian markets

Sports and outdoors

As a rock climber, snowboarder, skier, adrenaline and sports junkie, I know exactly what specific jargon to use to market your product or talk about your activities

Audio gear / Automotive /


A few years working with many big automotive brands, audio gear manufacturers, fashion brands and companies in other industries have equipped me with the expertise to work within a wide range of areas